Happy Sunday to you! I hope all of you remain safe and free of the COVID-19 contagion. Remember, you can still work out at home. Vegetable cans serve as makeshift weights. Stairs are another good source of equipment you don’t even realize you have at your apartment or home. Old fashioned pushups, sit-ups and trunks twists are waiting for you to take advantage. Parks are a good location for fresh air and sunshine. Plant based


Posted by Lucious Smith on  June 28, 2020
“This is Lucious Smith from “The Game Changers” movie. As member of the NFL Legends Community, I want to thank the National Football League for acknowledging the need to rescind their stance on the peaceful protest against systematic police brutality and murders of all African Americans. When Colin Kaepernick took a knee against police brutality and murder, the National Football League turned a deaf ear to the Black Man’s struggles. Preventing the respectful peaceful protest


Posted by Lucious Smith on  May 3, 2020
It’s a great day to be alive. Start each day with a morning wake up call by exercising and enjoying actives that get you moving. Eating healthy with regular exercise are a great combination to stay well. Choose to start your daily affirmation at the same time each day so you can get a routine going, and your body will adjust to get ready to exercise. Do what you need to do to strengthen your
This is a sad, lonely, scary time for the world. We will persevere. Human nature often focuses on the negative. But we humans always rise to the occasion and figure it out. Check on those neighbor children to be sure they are safe. Check on the frail elderly make sure they have food. Smile! Wash your hands, wear that mask or scarf. We will beat this!


Posted by Lucious Smith on  March 15, 2020
The Corona Virus is moving quickly through America. I went to 5 stores today to do my usual shopping run and found lines at the Non-Health food related ones. I went to Sprouts and of course paper products were gone, but amazingly most of the fresh fruit and vegetables were still on the shelf. Next I went to Trader Joe’s and again paper products were not on the shelf, but most of the other healthy

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